Monday, May 19, 2008

A is for Aidan

I just spent a wonderful four days with Ellie and Ryan. I have a bunch of pictures. I'll start with the ones of Aidan and move on to the rest of the family tomorrow.

In this first one, we see Ellie and Jack with Spiderman, who is a special friend of Aidan.

He can fly, as demonstrated here!

Aidan loves to play with the hose in the backyard. Here he is getting a drink.

Here he is pretending it's raining!

Aidan in his golfing duds (knickers and golf shirt) ready to hit the links!

Aidan demonstrating his golf swing.

Standing on his head.

Aidan and Sabba at the airport.

My first post on this blog was in January of 2007, a picture of Aidan and me, which you can see here.

Orig: 5/19/08

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Bonnie said...

Oh this post is wonderful ! I'm sure you don't have to guess that I love seeing photos of our family as I feel I miss out on so much of all your lives living here !! These photos are fantastic. My favorite one is the last one ... of you and Aidan at the airport !! Can't wait to see the next installment ...

Love you lots !!!! Bon