Wednesday, August 13, 2008

An Annual Tradition

Every year, my cousin's friends (who are also our friends) make the journey from Madrid to Denver for a visit. It has become a tradition that we enjoy one dinner together at our home. Here we are at tonight's get-together.

Kathy always makes excellent meals, and she loves to treat guests to unusual meals they may never experience elsewhere. This year, she prepared "Low Country Boil," a delicious crowd-pleaser she learned from a cousin at the Reunion a few years ago. Here she is dishing it up.

A visit of friends is the perfect excuse to get everyone together for a special meal and fellowship. Here's the gang (except for Stephanie, who had not yet arrived from a meeting).

Another view of the group, preparing to dig into the repast Kathy had prepared for us.

A fine tradition. An awesome meal. Excellent fellowship.
After dinner, we watched some Olympic coverage before saying goodbye for another year.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Vote for our Friend

Today we received an email from our friend, Deb, about whom I wrote earlier here.

You may remember she plays viola for the Longmont Symphony Orchestra and the annual Mahlerfest Orchestra. She has also played in the community orchestra supporting the annual singalong of Handel's Messiah in Boulder, an event we have sung along with at least five times!
Besides teaching music appreciation and the theory of music at the University of Colorado and all the other things she does musically in the community, she is the manager, arranger, and violist for the Ribbons and Strings ensembles.

Anyway, Deb asked us to vote for her group at the Denver Channel 7 site here or here, if we felt so inclined. We did, and we would invite you to do so, if you feel so inclined, as well.

And by the way, if you are looking for a group to play beautiful music at your next event, check out one of the Ribbons and Strings ensembles.

Friday, August 01, 2008

A Peaceful Day on the Lake

This year Kathy's annual family reunion was in Toledo, Ohio, so we took the opportunity to visit my family in Ashland first. One of the highlights of our too-short visit was the wonderful morning and afternoon we spent with my good friends from high school, Thorne and Linda. They took us out for a delightful cruise on their pontoon boat.

Here was the view from where I was sitting as we set off on our voyage.

Here's our grandson, Aidan, helping the Skipper steer his boat!

Linda in the bow of the boat. Aidan steering. There was a heron in the background but somehow it didn't show up in this picture.

It's not in this picture either, although that's what Jimmy is photographing.

Here's Aunt Hannah with her newest nephew, Jack.

At lunchtime, we found shade near a small island and had a tasty and refreshing lunch prepared by Linda in the onboard galley.

Here we are saying goodbye after a wonderful cruise. The weather was beautiful. The lake was calm, and the company was delightful. Thank you, Thorne and Linda, for this fantastic highlight of our Ohio trip.