Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A is for Absquatulate


The effect of the Latin language on the English language is immediately apparent when reading the first pages of the dictionary. It is perhaps appropriate, then, that my first word, absquatulate, is a Mock Latinate form. In other words it is an English word formed from a Latin prefix (ab-, from) and suffix (-ate, to act upon in a specified way) with a non-existent root (squatul-, probably related to the word squat). For more on this interesting word, check here.
Orig: 5/13/08


Bonnie said...

After reading the definition, I think I will try to use this word in a sentence this week. In normal conversation. And see what sort of response I get.

I must say though, at first read, this sounds to me like something unfortunate that happens in your pants when you have the runs. A fancy word for what Jimmy calls a shart !

Knit-Wit said...

I'm stopping by from Bonnie's blog to say 'Hi'. She thinks your the greatest and I can see why. :)