Sunday, May 18, 2008

A is for Accumulate

Do you ever think of clouds when you think of the word accumulate or accumulation? I didn't either until I read the etymology of the words. It seems they derive from a Latin root cumulus, meaning a heap or pile. Those puffy clouds we call cumulus come from an accumulation of moisture overhead, forming a beautiful heap in the sky. It seems that even in English the word cumulus can mean a pile or a heap, as well as clouds piled high.
Incidentally, knowing the derivation of accumulate means never having to misspell the word. If you know how to spell cumulus, you will never have to wonder how many m's or l's accumulate in the word. Just remember to double the initial c because of the prefix.

For more basic information on clouds, check out this site.
Orig: 5/18/08

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Bonnie said...

We have lots of cumulus clouds around here ! They are my favorite !