Monday, April 06, 2009

Happy Birthday, Bonnie!

Some birthday pictures from years past (and present). Not exactly sure where this was. On one of three continents in one of five countries (actually, I can narrow it down a little more than that. I think it's probably Spain). For 25 years, we never had just one geographical reference to call home, but our security was in knowing that home was wherever we all were!

Birthdays are a magical time, like this unicorn.

Not long ago, Bonnie's friend from when we lived in Maryland made touch via Facebook. This picture is from her friend's birthday. I couldn't resist posting it (with permission) in wishing Bonnie a Happy Birthday.

So, "Happy Birthday, Bon." We love you!
And here she is—all grown up. Read the account of her birthday celebration here.

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Bonnie said...

Thanks Dad ! I love this. I don't have any memory of that first picture! And I love the one of me and Dawn !! Neat, eh ??