Thursday, April 23, 2009

Denver Jewish Examiner

A friend of ours (and son of our good friends) has begun blogging as the Denver Jewish Examiner at

He has some interesting and enlightening ideas. You can check them out at Matan's blog here. (The link is posted on my sidebar, as well, for future reference.)
Leave a comment to let him know you visited.


Mari said...

Hi! I'm stopping in from Bonnie's blog. I've been here before and enjoyed looking around and reading what you've been up too. The pictures of Colorado are beautiful!
I have to tell you again what a wonderful daughter you have, but I'm sure you knew that already!

Vickie Atencio said...

I only visited Matan's blog once, when you first told us about it. Will visit again and be sure to leave a comment. Thanks for sharing your wonderful blog. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Usually I can't sit still for this long on the Internet. I'll try to find time to spend on Facebook, too. I forget about our Midrash group on Facebook. Sorry! It's all kind of overwhelming when there are so many things I want to do with my spare time. But this was definitely time well spent. Thanks again.