Friday, April 10, 2009

Manitou Springs

This April we discovered another favorite Bed & Breakfast in one of our favorite Colorado towns. This Victorian B&B just opened in Manitou Springs last December. For more information, they have a web site here.

Upon arrival, you'll want to park in the back and walk down these steps, then up a few steps to the rear entrance.

There's no parking in the front, and besides, it's 32 steep steps to the front door.

Just across the street from the Avenue Hotel is an historic restaurant, the Stagecoach Inn, where we enjoyed a quiet dinner. Their web site is here.

Here's Kathy in the front parlor of the Avenue Hotel B&B.

Another view of the front parlor.

Here's Kathy at breakfast. My apologies for the fuzziness of the photo. We forgot to bring our own camera, and I'll blame the picture quality on the $20 cheapie we bought at Walgreen's.

Before driving back to Denver, we enjoyed one last soak in the Avenue's hot tub.

Waving "adios" to Manitou Springs and its Avenue Hotel B&B but hoping it's just "hasta luego."

The owners and operators of the Avenue Hotel B&B, Gwenn and Randy, are a lovely couple, and we had fully intended to post their picture with our thanks, but once again I must blame our disposable camera for the picture not turning out. Anyway, thanks Gwenn and Randy for a wonderful, relaxing night at your elegantly restored Victorian masterpiece.

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You guys always find the best places !!!