Thursday, April 09, 2009

Bike MS: Virginia's Ocean to Bay Ride 2009

When’s the last time you put in 150 miles on a bicycle? Never, you say? Well, our cousins are riding 150 miles in support of the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Hampton Roads, Virginia, and we thought you might be interested in hearing about it.

The daffodils are reaching toward the sky in Virginia, hinting that spring is standing by the door, waiting to burst through. For Bob and Emily, that means preparation for the annual Multiple Sclerosis 150-mile Bike Ride. They will be beginning a regular routine of training on their bikes to prepare for the MS150. Not that this will be anything new for them. Veteran bike riders, in 1976 they rode from coast to coast in celebration of the nation’s bicentennial.

They will also be cranking up their annual fundraising routine. This is the fourth year that Bob and Em have offered their time and effort to help find a cure for this condition. It is not only the money they raise, but the effort they put into the event that will help those with the disease. Nevertheless, funds are needed for research to find a cure.

They have a friend, Lisa, who will allow them to hold a fundraising event in her wine shop on the evening of April 3. She is also running some MS "specials" in her restaurant during the preceding week. So - if you are local to Gloucester, Virginia, please visit Lisa's establishment, “Rosemary and Wine,” during the week of March 31 through April 3.

In addition, Bob provides bike tune-ups for anyone interested in making a donation (if you live in the area and are interested, we can put you in touch). If you are not in Virginia, their websites are up and running and the links are below, should you care to make a donation:

Some of us have been conditioned to think that a small gift is not worth giving, but it was the Jewish sage Maimonides who said that a hundred small gifts are better than one large gift. If a hundred people give a dollar, the blessing of giving is spread to a hundred people. If we each give a dollar a hundred times, we get into the habit of giving. No gift is too small. The spirit of giving is the thing. (Of course, Maimonides lived in the 12th century, so perhaps ten dollars to allow for inflation!)

Emily and Bob love participating in this event and are serious about providing funds for MS research. They will ride the 150 miles, but they need us to help raise the donations. What a wonderful day it will be when no one will have to hear the words "you have MS". I know we are all asked daily to give to this or that organization, but if you want to be part of this effort, give a donation, whether small or large.

The ride is held on the last weekend in May. It starts in the southern part of Eastern Shore, Virginia, in a small town called Cape Charles. On Saturday the riders wind their way 75 miles north to a YMCA camp called Silver Beach, where they spend the night. The following day is another winding route of 75 miles that returns them to their cars. This is a big event with many generous sponsors and tremendous support from the Hampton Roads MS chapter. They will have at least 600 riders and raise close to a million dollars. In their four years of participation, Bob and Emily have had all sorts of experiences. They have ridden in blasting heat as well as a serious Nor'easter, but one constant factor on the Eastern Shore is wind. At least it can be counted on to help about as much as it holds back.

So, revel in the fact that you do not have to hop on your bike and ride 150 miles to help find a cure for Multiple Sclerosis. All it takes is a couple flicks of your mouse finger to support Bob and Emily as they support the Multiple Sclerosis Society. And if you cannot make a donation, how about sending a link to this post to your friends? Thank you and bless you.


Anonymous said...

How great to be involved in somehting so visible and effictive. It is a great demonstration of caring to spend energy and time in this kind of fund raising event. Congratulations to the people involved and blessings on their efforts.
We have seen similar events in Australia that we benefited from supporting. Their is such a comaderie in joining together in an effort to help others.Congratulations to this group. I hope you receive a good response to your cause. Mary

Anonymous said...

I want to correct the mistakes that were misprints in my comment but I can't find any place to make the corrections. Oooooooooooooooooooo. rats. something effective comaraderie

cKc--aka Kathy said...

When is the last time I rode 15 miles, let alone 10 times that! I seldom even drive 150 miles! It surely spurs me to do my part... to donate! And a great posting too!

Sabba and Nanny said...

I have often experienced the frustration you express when posting comments on various blogs.

Those of us who love and value language always want to use it in the best, most effective way possible. We hate to leave typos. Writing, rewriting, editing, editing again, and proofreading are second nature to us.

Unfortunately, this electronic age doesn't always afford us that opportunity. Ah, tradeoffs, tradeoffs! There are always tradeoffs with any new technology.

In any case, thanks for your comments. We always love hearing from you....Jim