Sunday, November 04, 2007

Happy Birthday, Jimmy

Tonight we celebrate Jimmy's birthday. It was 32 years ago today, at the Rota Naval Hospital in southern Spain that Jimmy came into this world. Since then, he has spent nearly a third of his life in that wonderful country, as well as residing in Italy, Canada, Japan, and even some time in his own country!
Here he is with Bonnie in front of the hospital in which both of them were born.

At a much earlier birthday party for Jimmy, Bonnie watches her brother blow out his candles.

Here is Jimmy at another celebration with the ever-present Siamese cat, a part of our family's tradition that started in Kathy's childhood. Her parents had the first Moti (means "pearl" in Hindi; the cat was named for an acquaintance of Kathy's mother in India).

Jimmy was always active in sports: baseball, soccer, and swimming.

Living overseas as much as we did, we always jumped at the chance to participate in family events. Here is Jimmy lighting the candles at "Aunt" Lissa's wedding. Lissa and Antonio and their boys have been an often present and very blessed and welcome part of our lives on two continents.

Speaking of family, we always enjoy spending time with Uncle John. Here is Jimmy sitting on Uncle John's cart, on a day his dad and UJ were playing golf. This was the occasion of the famous "hot dog incident," in which the young lad dropped his hot dog into one of the many creeks we crossed throughout the course of the day. Jimmy has since taken up the game, and we have enjoyed some pleasant evenings together on the links.

No real story here. I just love the picture. Dad and Jimmy posing for a picture, probably either in Ohio or Spain, but I'm really not sure.

A school portrait that manages to capture his ultimately indomitable positive spirit.

Portrait of the photographer as a young man. This was taken on the day of his sister, Ellie's, wedding, on which he took the wedding pictures.

That same day, a nice picture of Jimmy and Ellie.

Labor Day 2007 at Lissa and Antonio's cabin near Estes Park. Jimmy on the camera taking the group picture. (Doby's helping!)

And here is today's birthday boy on that same day, with Stephanie and his sister, Hannah.

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Bonnie said...

I love this Dad !! A couple of those photos I don't ever remember seeing ... a couple of them I'm using in my birthday blog to him as well !! I've been scanning all morning and am hoping to get to work on the actual blog after I get these kids down for a nap !!