Friday, November 23, 2007

Thankful to be so Thankful!

Thanksgiving 2007

Dear Friends and Family,

In thinking over our many blessings this year, it came to me that I am thankful for being thankful, that is, I am thankful that I have so many things for which to be thankful and for the ability to recognize them as such. There are those in this world who know hunger and thirst. We have known neither. There are those who lack shelter. We have never lacked a roof over our head. There are those who suffer under oppressive political regimes and live in fear for their lives. We have never experienced what that oppression and fear is like.

Beyond lacking necessities, there are those who lack the ability to obtain the “non-necessity necessaries” that make our lives both interesting and rewarding. We have never lacked these either. There are those who want to travel but lack the means. We lived in countries around the world for 25 years—Spain, Italy, Canada, Japan. We visited dozens of others. We travel around the states virtually at will to see family and friends.

Perhaps saddest of all, there are those who lack companionship. The world is full of lonely people. We have friends and family who care about us and enjoy spending time with us. This is an incalculable source of richness and joy in our lives. May we never take any of these things for granted, but above all, may we never take each other for granted and the love and friendship we share.

—We love and appreciate all of you!—

Moreover, may we find a way to befriend those lonely ones all around us, bringing the warmth of human companionship to their hearts.

May this Thanksgiving and the days, weeks, and months ahead, be the most thankful of all our lives. May the One who makes all this thankfulness not only possible but obligatory grant us the desires of our heart to share the love that comes from above one with another.

Love from Denver

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Bonnie said...

Hey Dad,

Wanted to leave a comment on your blog because I hate seeing a blog post not have at least one comment !! So ... here I am leaving a comment but I want to wrote more but not here. I'm going to email !! Love you and Happy Thanksgiving.