Thursday, November 08, 2007

Happy Birthday, Jono!

Six years ago today, we received a phone call from Australia saying that our first grandchild, Jonathan Santiago, was born. Here were two of the first pictures we received through the miracle of the Internet.

And a short time later came a picture of mother and child.

Jonathan comes from a Hebrew name meaning, "The LORD has given," while Santiago is a Spanish name, which in English means "St. James." Ultimately, in a rather obscure way, the name James derives from the Hebrew name Ya'akov (Jacob), who is later renamed Israel. He fathers a nation through whom the world is to be blessed. So we could conceivably interpret Jonathan Santiago as "the LORD has given one through whom the world will be blessed." We pray that Jono may be the fulfillment of his name in the most blessed and complete way.

The picture on the left below shows Sabba (Jono's paternal grandfather) and on the right is Jono at an equivalent age. Is there any resemblance?

And here's the birthday boy in a great picture taken just the other day by his mom and posted on her blog.

We wish you, Jono, a very Happy Birthday! Love, Sabba and Nanny


Anonymous said...

i don't know if you know how old i am but in case you don't, i am 6. thank you for the blog. from jono

Bonnie said...


I love this blog !! Those old photos of Jono are great ! Mine are all on CD's and it takes forever to search through them all and find them ! One of these days I will get my CD's all organized and labeled !

AND I've seen the Any Resemblance photos before but it is still amazing ! Both Jono and Alia thought that you were Jono !

Jono wrote the comment above ... funny, eh ? he was concerned that you might not know he was six ! i just let him write what he wanted ...

Gotta go cook dinner ! Love, Bon

PS ... did you see my birthday blog to Jimmy ?