Thursday, October 04, 2007

Happy Birthday, Ellie!

Thirty years ago, our daughter Elinor Victoria, was born at the Naval Hospital in Napoli, Italia. We were stationed an hour north in Gaeta, at the time. We often took trips into Napoli, as well as Roma. In some ways, it seems like yesterday, but in seeing what a mature woman and wonderful mother she has become, we realize she has lived those 30 years well.
Here's Ellie at an early age at the Vatican with one of the main attractions for the kids--the pigeons. This picture perfectly captures the joie de vivre, the unbridled enthusiasm for life that has been such a hallmark of Ellie.

Here's another cute picture of Ellie with pigeons years later when we were living in Spain.

Here's a birthday picture taken quite a few years ago at our home in Yokohama, Japan, showing Jimmy bringing his sister her birthday cake.

This one was taken at our Denver home, not too long after Ellie returned from India.

Ellie learned to love books and reading at an early age.

Here she is at Disney World, a trip we made with Grandma between living in Canada and Spain.

This is Ellie celebrating Hannah's birthday. Our Siamese cat, Moti, wanted to be part of the festivities, too. See her peeking around the curtain?

And here's Bonnie celebrating with Ellie on her special day.

This picture shows Ellie with her roommate and close friend, Ai. They met on a flight from Japan to India, where the two attended school high in the Himalayas. Coincidentally, Ellie and Ai were born on the exact same day--Ellie in Italy, Ai in Japan. Ellie loves to smile and have fun with her family and friends. This picture captures once again that joy that emanates from her.

I had to include this snapshot of Ellie in her Wonder Woman togs because when I looked at it I was reminded so much of Aidan and a similar expression and mannerism I had seen from him.

I'll close this Happy Birthday card to our daughter Ellie with a picture of her with Ryan and Aidan.

In closing,

Happy Birthday, El!

We love you. May you continue to be blessed and enjoy many more fulfilling years. You are truly a blessing to all who know you.

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Bonnie said...

I love it !!! Looking at all those old photos ... really took me back in time !! They were great. Sheesh, if you didn't know they were Ellie, you'd think someone had dressed Aidan in a pink dress and Wonder Woman Underoos !!! It's uncanny ! Anyway, I hope you guys have a great time with Ellie and Ryan ! What a treat to have them there for her birthday ! Wish we could be there too. Jono has been begging me to go to Spain. I'm wondering if that will be out next overseas trip ... want to meet us there !?!?