Sunday, September 16, 2007

Portrait with Gray Tape

So Bonnie posted a picture of herself and her car in high school (above--or see her blog here:, and it reminded me of a picture she took especially for me when she first moved to Colorado. She broke her car window, and she was using gray tape to fix it. We had a running joke in our family about me using gray tape to fix anything and everything, so she had this picture taken of herself wearing "bracelets" of gray tape!


Bonnie said...

Ha ha !!!

Two things ... that was not MY car in highschool ! I didn't have a car ! That was in Spain and I was just walking past and for some reason thought that was funny and worth taking a picture of !! I did learn to drive in Spain ... Mom used to take me to the "space shuttle emergency landing" road and let me practice. The one time she let me take it on open roads I nearly killed us all when I was crossing from that road to go to the pier and hit the gas instead of the brake !!! We FLEW across that busy street !! Angels working over time that day !!

And the second thing ... you said we HAD a running joke. You should know that joke is still running !! It comes up in conversation everytime I see my siblings !! And sometimes, even in everyday conversation ! In fact, I was just telling some friends about it the other day !! :)

I'll have to do a post about this gray tape car of mine ! I've got another photo of it all finished !


PS ... thanks for the ship/boat distinction !!

Bonnie said...

Dad ... I came over to declare it "MOST DEFINATELY TIME FOR ANOTHER YESHLIBLOG POST DAY" and then I saw the Gray Tape post. So, while I shall still make my declaration, I must also tell you that the gray tape has struck again ! I fixed my popcorn popper with it !! ha. I said to Rory when I had finished my repair job "My Dad would be proud !"