Sunday, October 14, 2012

Cebiche Peruvian Restaurant

 As stated, one of the reasons for this blog is to share our favorite things, and today we discovered another of our favorite places in the Denver area. That would be a wonderful Peruvian restaurant in Wheat Ridge called Cebiche.
If you have never tried Peruvian food in general, and cebiche in particular, try this place. If you love Peruvian food and/or cebiche, you will love this restaurant.
Here we are in front of the establishment.
We jumped the gun and started eating before snapping a shot of this delicious Incan Platter, a sampling of four fine entrees. Lomo saltado (Stir-fried sirloin steakyum), Aji de Gallina (with the amarillo saucetasty), Adobo (cubed pork with mixed vegetablesdelicious), and Pescado a lo Macho (pan-fried white fish smothered in a savory parmesan garlic cream sauceare you kidding?fantastic).
Empanadastwo varietiesone with mushrooms, the other with Chipotle shrimpboth scrumptious.
Cebiche—the namesake dish of the house, and it was wonderful. Lime-soaked white fish, shrimp, scallops, and calamares, along with various vegetables. Fantastic. If you have never tried cebiche, try it here first. You will not be disappointed.
 I love this quote from their web site:
"One of the most diverse in the world, Peruvian cooking embraces the imported flavors of Spain, China, Italy,West Africa and Japan and integrates them with the native ingredients of Peru.
Did we enjoy the meal? Uh, yeah!
Just love the painting of these two cute llamas. The restaurant is filled with beautiful artwork, much of it done by the family of the owners.
There have been numerous write-ups about Cebiche in local papers. Here are a few links:
More of the artwork at Cebiche.
Upstairs, there is a nice art gallery. This gives a glimpse of some of the artwork. I like the reflection in this shot.
But the color is better here.
One of a dozen beautiful paintings in this style.
Kathy posing amid the paintings.
We particularly loved these colorful paintings on the first floor.
After our delicious lunch, Colleen, the owner, introduced herself and chatted with us, giving us a tour of their wonderful facility. We assured her we would be back soon.
Cebiche web site is here.
Menu here.


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