Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Real Tokyo Ramen in Denver

September 2012.
Our latest visit to Oshima Ramen was to introduce Eli to one of our favorite eateries in Denver.
 We wanted, finally, to get a shot of the owner, who always graciously compliments my Japanese, but he demurred. He suggested we take a picture of ourselves instead. Here is the crew.
After spending five wonderful years in Japan, we were delighted to discover an excellent ramen shop in Denver. Our son discovered it originally, and we have been back many times since. There are a couple of places in Denver where you feel as if you are walking out of the United States and into Japan. Domo Restaurant is one, and Oshima Ramen is another. The proprietor speaks to us in Japanese, and the place has the authentic feel of a ramen shop in Tokyo or Yokohama. Here we are on our latest visit (November 2011).
This was a few years ago. The ongoing visit of our close friends, Bob and Vicki, and a promise we had made to our niece, Liz, was a perfect pretext to make the drive south to 7400 Hampden (just east of I25) to share a bit of Japanese cuisine with our friends. (In point of fact, ramen originated in China, but ramen shops are ubiquitous in Nihon, and that is where we learned to love it.)
At Oshima Ramen, you can also enjoy yakisoba, fried rice, Japanese pickles, and gyoza, to name just a few delightful dishes. Here's the gyoza. Not only is the food tasty, it is reasonably priced. Whether you are a veteran noodle slurper or are looking for something different, give Oshima Ramen a try. You won't be disappointed.
Here's a link to a map and some reviews of this shop, one of our favorite places to eat in Denver.
Original Oshima Ramen with a quintessentially Japanese drink, Ramune.
Chicken-Vegetable Ramen.
Original Oshima Ramen.
Spicy Kimchi Ramen
Chicken Ramen, Gyoza, and two types of Japanese pickles (Tsukemono/Takuan).
For more about ramen, check out this link. 
2011 review: Eat Local.2009 review: From Japan, with love: a True Noodle House. 
2008 review: Strangelunch.
2004 review: God Has Smiled on Oshima Ramen.


Bonnie said...

hmmm ... these photos look quite familiar ! did you pinch these from jill's facebook ? :) loved looking at these there but loved looking at them even more here ! i would say i'm a veteran noodle slurper and next time i'm in denver i'll have to try my slurping at this place !!

Sabba and Nanny said...

I did get these from Jill's FB, but since I asked permission, I guess we can't really say I pinched them, right? Dad

Vickie Atencio said...

Is that round thing in the bowl an egg? I love noodles, can't wait to try this restaurant out.

Tessa said...

"Food glorious food. What more could you wish for?" I used to love the music from "Oliver" and other musicals of the time. This blog sings to me as well as the one on pasta above, of fun, family and food in fantastic, favourite feasts. I don't slurp as well as Bonnie but really enjoy the noodles.

Pammy said... I'm hungry!!!