Saturday, April 05, 2014

Happy Birthday, Bonnie!

Happy Birthday, Bonnie! 
I start this birthday greeting with a picture of you and Grandma. She was a great communicator, and you have certainly inherited that gene. Painting, drawing, writing letters, email, social media—you keep in touch with family and friends around the world.
 That is such a commendable thing to do, and we so appreciate hearing what is happening in your life and watching the children grow up and live their lives. I love that you not only created these "Quote Cards" but that you sent them all out to people of whom they made you think.  They are very imaginative.
Now for a little nostalgia. The back of this one indicates you are just past your first birthday, so we were still in Rota.

Second birthday. Three little girls with birthdays within one week of one another. Puerto House.
With Mom, all dressed up for your second birthday party. 
Puerto de Santa Maria. 
Three years old. Chipiona. Birthday with the YWAM/Dilaram community. 
 Of course, that beautiful house with its marvelous tile is gone now, replaced by apartments, from what we've been told. Here's a shot on the front steps right before we were transferred to Gaeta.
It was such fun surprising you last year for your birthday. 
Kudos to Rory for a wonderful plan.
 And of course, the party he threw was nonpareil. 
So glad we could be there.
I'll finish with a couple of fun ones. There were so many people in your life who blessed you in so many ways, and Uncle Bob was/is certainly one of them. I love this picture. He looks so peaceful, and you look a bit mischievous.
 I came across this picture in my searches today. Of course, it is you modeling the hole in your windshield and kidding me about my penchant for using gray tape on everything. 
We celebrate you today and every day and wish you all the best in this new year of life.

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