Saturday, February 04, 2012

Blizzard February 2012

At the beginning of the week, Colorado meteorologists began to warn us of an impending snowstorm of historic proportions.
 It seems the greatest recorded snowfall for February in Colorado was 22 inches in 1912.
 They were predicting between 15 and 22 inches for one 36-hour period.
It came in Thursday evening. I must say CDOT (Colorado Department of Transportation) and our City did a satisfactory job of keeping the roads open in difficult conditions.
 There was a short  hiatus Friday midday, and we wondered (hopefully) if the weather folks had been wrong again, but alas...Good for making snow angels, though.
 It piled pretty high on our front lawn. Here's Pam modeling. Official total for us was 20 inches.
Clearing a path to the porch. These snow walls remind me of what we read in Exodus this morning, i.e. the walls of water rising up on either side of the Israelites as they fled through the Sea of Reeds (aka the Red Sea) before Pharaoh and his chariots.
 For those who think we live in a frigid climate, we do not!
 It was cold for a day or so, but this morning dawned bright and clear. The sun was out, the temperature was in the upper 30's, the humidity was low, and the snow was melting. Balmy!
Pam captured me "prancing" out to get the snow shovel.
And of course, we had to illustrate that in Colorado, we barbecue year round. Our 2012 Blizzard barbecue picture.
Previous Blizzard barbecues here.
Thanks to niece Pam for the most excellent photos.

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