Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Upper Office

I have a lot of favorite places.
This is one.
Estes Park.
Beit Shalom.

The beauty of the mountains.
Altitude brings us closer to the heavens.

Loved ones sharing the space.

Recording the moment.
The Loft Office.
The Upper Office at our dear friends' house.

The serenity and completeness of Beit Shalom
and yet
The world at my fingertips via the globe and the Internet
and it feels
so much like home.


Bonnie said...

i love the poetic flow of this post ! and, of course, the photos ! which i've seen already on facebook but doesn't matter ... i loved looking at them again !!

Jill M. said...

Love it! So many great memories from that much peace! Loved the way you wrote this, it really captured some of that peaceful spirit.

Pammy said...

Let's go back!

Tessa said...

Jim, this is wonderful. The serenity is tangible through your pictures and words. I have visited that first place and can feel again the awe inspired by it and the mountains around. Thank you.