Friday, May 08, 2009

Recipe Blog

I just think it's a shame, a shame, mind you, that more people do not visit our daughter's great recipe blog, which she calls Pass the Beans, Please or The Beans Blog.

When Kathy and I were driving to Manitou Springs (earlier post gives the details), we were listening to 850 KOA's The Ride Home, and they were discussing food and taking pictures of food. We called in and mentioned our daughter's food blog, with the address of the web site. I figured that would cause a lot of hits on her site, but no such luck.

I'm hoping that this post will bring the thousands of hits I expected from 850 KOA to visit her recipe blog. It really is a great site. Nothing there but great menu ideas and recipes.

Check it out here.

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Bonnie said...

This is great !! I love that you called in about the beans blog !! What day was that ? I'll check my stats page and see if there was any sort of spike on that day ...

I'm glad you like the beans blog. I love it ... love posting to it ... love cooking and photographing the food ... love eating the food !!