Saturday, March 07, 2009


It is one thing
to show a man
that he is in error,
and another
to put him
in possession
of the truth.
-John Locke,

How much time do we spend criticizing error as opposed to teaching and exemplifying the truth?
What if every time I was moved to point out error I found a way to point out the truth?
The problem with focusing on error is that it focuses on error.
The beauty of revealing the truth is that it reveals the beauty of truth!
Should we not focus on the truth?

The word for truth in Hebrew (Emet) is spelled Alef Mem Tav, as in the picture above.

Alef is the first letter of the Alefbet.

Tav is the final letter.

Mem is the middle letter (including final forms).

Truth fills Space-Time from beginning to end and everything in between!

Error has not overcome it, so why focus on it?

The "Thought for Today" by John Locke came from an email newsletter called "A Word A Day" from the folks at You can subscribe or just browse their site by clicking below.


Bonnie said...

How interesting that you should post on this. I love that quote ! No, I hadn't heard it before ... but I love it now ! But ... I've been thinking on this subject recently. Wondering when the heck I became such a critical and judgmental person. I love this .... rather than criticizing, I need to spend time/energy setting a good example. 'The problem with focusing on error is that it focuses on error.' Profound ! As is the next statement !! Love it Dad ... thanks for sharing !!

Ellie said...

I love this thought for the day.
That is a great quote at the beginning. Thanks, Dad