Saturday, October 04, 2008

Bonnie's Beans Blog Bids for Best

This is a copy of a post on Bonnie's Food Blog, called Pass the Beans, Please (see link at right).

This is Michelle, my friend that I've only maybe met when we swam on the same swim team, in Spain, as kids. Remember when she posted the review of this blog on my highschool's alumni blog ? The one she started, maintains and does such a great job with ...Well, now she has nominated us for the Best Food Blog on the blogger's choice awards website !! How cool is that !?!

If you think this is the Best Food Blog ... click on the button above and cast your vote !! I just did ! That give us two votes ... me and Michelle !! ha ha. Have a look around while you are there. I saw Pioneer Woman Cooks is in the top three. One of my favorite food blogs that I've been reading for ages now ! Tried some great recipes from there too !! Not that I'm gonna vote for her ... I think she's popular enough already !! Thanks Michelle for your nomination and vote !
So, if you have any interest in Food, Spain, our daughter in Australia, Blogger's Choice Awards, or some new recipes, check out Bonnie's Beans Blog.


Bonnie said...

Thanks Dad,
This is really cool !!

Michelle Lyttle Hauser said...

Thanks for including this in your blog, Mr. Switzer!

By the way, I speak Russian along with Spanish and a tiny bit of French and German. I'm also a lover of language and etymology. :-)