Wednesday, June 04, 2008

A is for Alibris

I used to spend hours in bookstores (and rarely escaped without buying something). Even better than new bookstores, I loved used bookstores. The Internet changed all that. For years, I've been doing most of my book buying online. Occasionally I'll go in to a physical location to browse or if I need something right now, but not very often.

At first, I relied on, then found to be cheaper. Recently, I discovered, a used bookstore online. They have compiled a huge database of used books, millions of titles in thousands of bookstores around the country. Books in very good condition or better go for $1.99 and up. My first order was eight books, and they came from eight different locations. I was quite satisfied both with the timeliness of the shipment and the condition of the books. I recommend this site.

Orig: 6/4/08

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Bonnie said...

I wonder if they ship down under ? I'm going to go check it out !