Saturday, April 05, 2008


It is the 6th of April in Australia, and that means Bonnie is another year wiser!

Happy Birthday!

Here are a few memories from years gone by. . .

Puerto de Santa Maria, EspaƱa (late 80's)

View of the beach at Puerto Sherry

The Bull Ring

Osborne Bodega

Gianola, Italia, Thirty Years Ago!

View of Old Gaeta from the Sea

Another View of Old Gaeta


Bonnie said...

Gaeta is beautiful ! I so don't remember that ! Must be time for a trip to Italy !! :) How I'd love to go back and see all of these sights again !! Thanks for the post Dad !

Happy Bushes Mary Terese said...

How I love the memory photos bringing family history up to date. It is like the rising tide, bringing up old and new pieces of life's relics to put a whole story together. Like Bonnie I like to revisit places I've lived in in the past, bringing a new dimension to my experience of them.
I see where Bonnie has inherited her enthusiasm for communicating. She has a bright future ahead of her.