Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Reception

The weekend following the wedding, we had a reception for Jimmy and Stephanie and their friends, including some from as far away as Florida and California. Church friends, work friends, school friends. Jimmy's friends from Japan, when we lived in Negishi housing, near Yokohama. It was a beautiful, Colorado day outside and a very warm, loving one inside. One of Jimmy's friends made a huge, delicious chocolate cake.

Four friends from Negishi, Yokohama, Japan.

Friends reminiscing.

The Negishi crew and families.

Stefan, gifts, and the guest book, which had at least five languages in it--last I checked!

More family and friends.

Church friends of Jimmy and Stephanie. In the front, there was a slide show of the wedding.

Kathy with friends from my workplace.

Portrait with fireplace.

This was from the previous weekend at Beit Shalom. I love it and just had to add it.

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Bonnie said...

This is great Dad ! Look at those Negishi guys. I should try and dig up an old photo of them !! They've all changed a fair bit !!