Sunday, June 03, 2007

Putting Our Kids on a Pedestal

Here are Ellie, Jimmy, and Bonnie at the Forum in Rome. We took this picture while stationed in Italy sometime between 1976 and 1979. Comment: Well, Bonnie pointed out to me that this must have been closer to 1979 than 1976, since Ellie was born in 1977. Then my Mom wrote and said that this happened on the trip that she and my sister, Lori, made to Italy in 1979. So, there you have it.

This is the picture that inspired the original pedestal picture. Kathy saw it years later (in the 90's) in Nikko, Japan.

Years later, at Italica, outside Sevilla, Spain, we put our kids on pedestals again. Here's Jimmy. You can read more about Italica here:

Here's Ellie at Italica.
Here's Hannah posing at Italica.

Yeah, I know, that's not Bonnie. We're not quite sure why we couldn't find a picture of Bonnie, but for some reason we put me on a pedestal at Italica.


Bonnie said...

I love this post Dad ! I am sure there was a picture of me. But we didn't come across it when we were sorting pictures. Hmmm ... That one of the three of us kids must have been taken closer to 1979 than 1976 - judging by Ellie's age. Anyway, great job ! I love it ! oh yeah, Rory reckons that the picture of Jimmy on the pedestal looks like Jono ...

Anonymous said...
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